April 09, 2015

Arizona hike: Aerie Trail, Sedona

As with any red-rock country hike, views along this gently undulating trail are picture-postcard quality. An optional slog up the connecting Doe Mountain spur path offers a panoramic spectacle of color-saturated mesas and buttes for those willing to tack another 1.2 miles to the trek.
From the Aerie trailhead, begin on Cockscomb Trail. Hike past the Rupp and Dawa junctions and turn left at the Aerie Trail sign at 3.3 miles. From here, hike 1.2 miles to the Doe Mountain junction. This 0.7-mile spur trail climbs 460 feet to the summit of a long mesa and is well worth a detour. Or, you can skip the climb and continue 0.7 mile back to the trailhead. All routes are signed.
Length: 5.2-mile loop (6.6 miles with Doe Mountain spur).
Rating: Moderate.
Elevation: 4,250-4,660 feet (5,120 feet with summit spur).

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